Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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What is the Defense Base Act?

The Defense Base Act is designed to provide specific coverage for individuals who work on U.S. military lands or bases utilized by the United States for military purposes. In addition, the DBA covers any individual who works under U.S. Foreign Assistance Act contracts, public works contracts with U.S. government agencies, and individuals who work to provide services to support the U.S. Armed Forces. The DBA is applicable to a worker regardless of his or her nationality.
Covered employees who are injured or killed during the course of employment are provided with medical, disability, and death benefits under the Defense Base Act. Coverage applies regardless of whether the incident actually occurred during work hours. An experienced Defense Base Act lawyer works to ensure the rights of covered employees are protected. Individuals who believe they may have been wrongfully denied medical and/or compensation claims are encouraged to contact a Defense Base Act attorney. 

About Matthew T. Singer
Matthew T Singer became a Defense Base Act attorney because he saw the injustices being perpetrated by DBA insurance companies and employers against professional overseas defense contractors. They would get injured and there would be no one there to have their back, even though they had the back of their country. Someone needed to step up for them and get what they deserved under the provisions of the Defense Base Act. is a Defense Base Act law office and resource portal. Matthew T. Singer, and his team of defense base act attorneys, represent injured overseas contractors and make sure that they get what you deserve. If you are looking for a dedicated dba lawyer to help you with defense base act insurance and settlement claims and who has your best interests at heart, is the place for you. 

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